In todays climate many men will tend to deal with issues in unhealthy way and believe counselling is just for females. I am sure if you are a guy reading this you may have been in the local pub with mates desperate to talk about what is bothering you, but worried what your friends may think? And so the drinking continues.

Historically men have had a reputation for not expressing their emotions. This suppression of emotion can lead to negative behaviour and heavy drinking and drug use. It can also impact on your relationships with family and friends. Being a man, bloke, lad, geezer, mate, or whatever name, you use, do you find it difficult to talk with another man? Well you are not alone.

Many men may have been raised in environments where the very experience of an emotion was unacceptable i.e. big boys don’t cry which can result in attempts to avoid or control emotions. Examples could be drug/alcohol use, ending relationships, physical altercations, devaluing the importance of loved ones, or keeping people at a distance can be ways to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

Unfortunately, these attempts to control emotions can result in even more problems and even more difficult emotions. Counselling can help men identify, learn to deal with, and effectively express emotions in ways that that are more adaptive and can help preserve and strengthen relationships.

  • Dealing with alcohol and drugs in your life
  • Mental Health - anxiety, stress, depression
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Suicide and self-harm
  • Anger - Rage
  • PTSD
  • Healthy relationships
  • Loss - job and identity
  • Affairs - unable to commit
  • Domestic violence - perpetrator or non-perpetrator
  • Workplace bullying - your rights as an employee
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