Coronavirus therapy is aimed specifically at working with you to manage and eliminate some of the difficult symptoms that are being induced by the pandemic. We understand the difficulties you may be experiencing, and we are offering an online service (face-to-face when appropriate) which covers a range of difficult issues people may present with under lockdown.

Alcohol: As the pubs and restaurants are closed and socialising is not permitted, many are acknowledging that they are drinking at home, and their weekly intake of alcohol is on the up. It takes seconds on your app to have a delivery of alcohol brought to your doorstep. It may be time to think about the long-term effects of alcohol on your body and your mental health.

Mental Health: Have you become more anxious, more stressed? Maybe you are experiencing bouts of low mood, or depression.

Relationships: It can be incredibly challenging living 24/7 with your family and not being able to escape. It is well known that domestic violence is rising and that many relationships are being tested. Have you noticed your relationship with your spouse/partner, child, or other loved ones has become strained?

While we may not be able to do anything about the outbreak itself, we can help you find your way through it and deal with the issues you are facing. Therapy can help you work through various psychological and emotional concerns.

  • Helping you to cope with challenging thoughts
  • Regulate feelings, so that you do not feel overwhelmed
  • Support with isolation and quarantine
  • Working with you to manage relationship stress with family members
  • Working with you to implement parenting strategies with children who are unable to go to school or leave home
  • Helping you in managing and in treating anxiety and depression
  • Calming and reduce the intensity of intrusive thoughts and OCD symptoms.

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